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When two individuals come together from two different worlds, it's common to experience some conflict. Love is vital in a relationship however that's not enough to sustain it. Just as individuals experience changes, so does relationships. Relationships change with the times, and recently life has seemed to speed up causing the dynamics of many relationships to change. It's difficult at times to point out the issues in a relationship, and during those times seeking out a professional can be very helpful. Whether you are having communication problems or financial difficulties - if you have done all you can it's time to seek out professional help. 




Women Issues

As the world around us continues to change, living from day to day can be a challenge. Everyday stressors that we easily dealt with earlier in life, can sometimes seem unbearable. Women are expected to play many roles in this life and at times we can feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out or just plain defeated. When life happens sometimes we need someone that understands and can help us process our thoughts. While sometimes we can muster the strength to work through our issues, other times we need to reach out for help. Considering professional help is the first step towards finding your peace. 


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Men Issues 


Men's issues are typically looked over or minimized because we live in a society that teaches us that "men don't cry." However I tend to believe men suffer with extreme emotions just as women do, and they need and desire a healthy outlet. In my years of education I've grown to understand that men are silently struggling with their issues - afraid to look outward for help. Whether you are struggling with the responsibilities of being the head of the household, or struggling with the aftermath of sexual abuse that you experienced in your childhood, I'd like to help. I will offer a safe environment, a listening ear and a genuine, authentic relationship. I desire to offer you a healthy outlet. You don't have to struggle alone. Reaching out to a professional is the first step towards your freedom. 






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