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Renee Greer earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2008 at Texas Wesleyan University. She later returned to Wesleyan in 2010 to earn her Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling. Renee Greer is currently pursuing her PhD in Marriage and Family therapy. 


 Renee has always had a desire to encourage and inspire people. She has an innate ability to help people feel comfortable in her presence and she is highly intuitive which helps her uncover the hidden issues that most clients are not aware of. 

Renee is happily married for over 23 years and she has a 25-year-old daughter. During her free time, she enjoys riding her motorcycle, reading, and painting. 

Renee Greer utilizes her humor, her intuition, and her passion to form authentic, trustworthy relationships with her clients. She is both direct and non-judging in her approach. Renee is naturally a leader and her motto in life is "if you want it bad enough - you will do all you can to get it"


"My approach to psychotherapy is a unique one. I see myself as a co-traveler with my clients. As my clients began their journey of discovering the meaning of life, I walk beside them offering tools to help them remove obstacles in their path. My keen intuition helps me direct my clients to the core issues that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns. I use humor to soften the intensity of my sessions, my relationship with my clients as a foundation for change, and my assertiveness to help my clients see the true realities of their struggles. I tend to believe true change occurs as a direct result of the true, genuine, non-judgmental relationships I develop with my clients."

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