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Renee Greer, The Photographer


I’m Renee Greer, and while I am a psychotherapist, I also have an extreme passion for photography. I discovered my natural photography skills during my undergraduate years in my dorm room at Texas Wesleyan University. I picked up my first camera in 2001 and have not put it down sense.


As a way to pay my way through school, I started a small photography business in my dorm and it grew substantially within a few months – I named that business Froze-In Beauty Photography. Although I have a private counseling practice, I have not been willing, nor will my photography clients allow me to retire my camera.


While my counseling is very separate from my photography, I do utilize my photography as a tool to help motivate and inspire anyone I work with in my studio.  My approach to photography is a unique one. The full experience is one you will never forget.


Contact me at for more information about my photographic services. 



(Please note the individuals shown under my photography tab, are not clients I counsel with. These individuals are photography clients only.)

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