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Be Inspired to be Bold...


I combine creativity and my desire to motivate my photography clients to help inspire them to be Bold, and take the risk to reach their absolute full potential.


I’m not a photographer that loves photography, I’m a photographer that loves people. I’m reminded of a time when I had no idea who I was. I knew I had talents, and strength but I didn't know what to do with it. I was pushed and pushed until I discovered my greatness. I was pushed until I got tired enough of myself. I no longer could make excuses, I had to do the work or get off the pot. I do the same with my clients. While a nice photograph is important, what’s more important is that I push my women into discovering something new about themselves. I offer my energy and words of encouragement because that’s what I was created to do. My photography business is not about photography, for me, it’s about giving back. I work my ladies till they get tired of me, but I do it from my heart. I am a photographer, but my objective is discovery. I want my ladies to be bold - to be beautiful. To go after what they want. To stop making excuses and do the work. I’m proud to say many of them or doing just that. It’s nothing better than a woman who’s willing to fall and keep getting back up.

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